Celebrate Festival of color from onlinecake.in

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First I wish Happy Holi to all and “Holi” is the most colorful festival of Hindu religion. It’s celebrated on the month of Falgun (March) every year. This year 2018th holi celebrated on 2nd March (Friday).We have many more ideas to celebrate this special Festival like making Jhujiya, potato papad, potato chips, matthi etc. One most common option to celebrate Holi, you can place your order online cake delivery in Mumbai or other Cities in India. Holi is traditional festival in India.


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My favorite festival is Holi and I played Holi with my family member and friends. I use natural color for playing Holi because I don’t like Chemical Colors. Holi , a customary Hindu celebration, praises the start of spring and in addition the triumph of good finished wickedness. It is best known far and wide for the powder that revelers toss on each other, leaving celebration goers covered in shading before the day’s over. In spite of the fact that the celebration started in India is still generally celebrated there as a religious celebration, it has been received in numerous spots the world over. If you want to celebrate this festival with cutting cake, you can book your order online cake delivery in Kanpur also.



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