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“Makar-Sankranti” is a well known festival celebrated by Hindus in India. All enthusiasts progress out of their homes and value flying kites. Splendid kites fill the sky on the positive day of Sankranti. The popularities of Makar Sankranti is more conspicuous in Maharashtra. You can send inviting cards, Delicious cakes, Chocolates or any Gift thing to their companions and relatives with the assistance of online cake delivery in Gurgaon or numerous more urban communities. The day is started by offering petitions to various divine beings. Makar Sankranti is recognized in different practices across finished India. Bengalis make sweets, Telugus devour old things of the house, Punjabis make an open air fire. Basically, the entire nation regards the new time of procure in different styles, however with a lone thought of fulfillment. It is recognized with display in southern parts of the country as Pongal, and in Punjab is adulated as Lohri and Maghi. Rajasthan and Gujarati turn deferentially upward to the sun, and also offer a considerable number of their splendid oblations as superb kites wherever all through the skyline. The Festival familiarizes kite fans worldwide with the beguiling eminence and social arranged assortment of India.It’s a fundamental festival of the Hindus and adulated wherever in the country in swarm social structures and different names. Every territory compliments it in endless courses, according to the repression, culture and traditions.

1. Uttar Pradesh:- The festival is known as “Kicheri” in Uttar Pradesh and incorporates custom washing. More than two million people gather at their different sanctified spots for this favored showering, for instance: Kanpur, Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh. There is a drive to bathe at a young hour in the day while fasting; first they bathe then they eat pastries, for instance, til ladoo and gud laddo. At a couple of spots new articles of clothing are worn on this day.

2. Delhi:- Delhi and many neighboring states see Sakraat or Sankranti as an essential festival of the year. Churma of ghee, halwa and kheer are cooked extraordinarily on this day. One kin of each married woman visits her home with a blessing of some warm clothing for her and her loved one’s family. It is called “Sidha”. Women used to give a gift to their in-laws, and these services called “Manana”.You can put arrange online cake delivery in delhi or numerous urban communities. It is one of the genuine Indian assemble festivity celebrated on fourteenth of January of reliably.

3.Punjab:- In Punjab, Makar Sankranti is adulated as Maghi. Washing in a conduit in the early hours on Maghi is basic. Hindus light lights with sesame oil as this should give flourishing and take off all transgressions. An important mela is held at Sri Muktsar Sahib on Maghi which respects a recorded event in Sikh history.

4.Rajasthan:- “Makar Sankrati” or “Sankrat” in the Rajasthani vernacular is one of the genuine festivals in the region of Rajasthan. The day is praised with outstanding Rajasthani extravagances and treats, for instance, pheeni , til-paati, gajak, kheer, ghevar, pakodi, puwa, and til-laddoo.

5.Bihar :- In Bihar , the festival is recognized on 14– 15 January. On 14 January, it is lauded as Makar Sankranti or Sakraat or Khichdi . As in various parts of country, people tidy up in streams and lakes and eat up upon intermittent extravagances as a celebration of good harvest. The treats consolidate chura, gur,desserts made of til for instance, tilgul, tilwa, maska, et cetera., curd, deplete and standard vegetables. Kite flying festivals are dealt with, yet on a little scale.

6.Tamil Nadu:-download (23).jpg In Tamil nadu,People watch “Pongal”,The festivity is applauded four days from the latest day of the Tamil month Maargazhi to the third day of the Tamil month Thai.

7.Assam:- Magh Bihu moreover called Bhogali Bihu is a procure festivity celebrated in Assam, India, which means the complete of social event season in the long extend of Maagha .It is the Assam merriment of Sankranthi, with eating up continuing for seven days.

8.Maharashtra :- In Maharashtra on Makara Sankranti day people exchange vivid halwa (sugar granules canvassed in sugar syrup) and til-gul laadoo . Gulachi poli/puran poli and some gram flour, which has been toasted to splendid in unadulterated ghee, are offered for lunch.


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