How do you make a fruit cake?


Fruit cakes and varieties of these have been being prepared for many years. Customarily made a very long time ahead of time of a festival, for example, Birthday, Christmas or wedding ceremony, these cakes with natural product absorbed liquor, are antiquated. Fruit cake is best made with a lot of arranging. A Easy Fruit cake surprise formula will make them eating homemade fruitcake delight instantly.


Serves: 8

225g -self raising flour

100g -margarine

100g- sugar

225g -session able fruits


5 tablespoons – condense milk

Prep: 15min

Bake: 1hr

Ready in:  1hr 15min

Rub the butter into the flour until the point that it would appear that fine breadcrumbs, include sugar and dried leafy foods flavor, if utilizing. Add egg and drain to make a delicate dropping consistency. Put into lined 2 lb lounge tin or 6″ round cake tin. Sprinkle demerara sugar over the best and search with the back of a spoon (this gives a pleasant crunchy top) and heat for roughly 1 to 1/4 hours in a preheated stove at 180 C/160 C fan/Gas 4 until the point that a stick tells the truth.

Make ahead

I blend the flour, sugar and spread in my blender with the cutting edge attachment  until the point that I get the breadcrumb stage and after that stop, at that point simply expel from the cooler include whatever is left of the fixings and prepare. On the off chance that you twofold, triple, and so forth these initial three fixings to put in the cooler then you just need to weigh out 445g/1lb at that point add the rest of the fixings to prepare one cake and spare the rest for some other time.


In other way if you want to designer fruit cake at your doorstep. You can place order birthday cake delivery in delhi or many more cities in India. We deliver yummy and testy fruit cake within 3 an hour.



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